Acai Berry, Omega Fatty Acids - Promoting Healthy Blood and Its Benefits

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The Acai Berry has shown to have significantly high levels of Omega Fatty Acids, in particular, 6 & 9. Using this berry can support your consumption of Omega Fatty Acids in addition to your fish consumption to enhance your daily intake of necessary EFAs to ensure a healthy blood stream. Healthy Blood will promote a healthy heart too. In this article we will have a quick look to see what Omega Fatty Acids are and how they can sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Omega Fatty Acids are also known as EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids).

There are two distinct types of fatty acids: essential and non-essential. EFAs are fatty acids that the body can't produce, so therefore crucial to a complete a balanced diet. EFAs are necessary in the maintenance and creation of cell membranes within the body. They are utilised by many of the body's systems to maintain proper tissue function and are also required for energy production, effective functioning of the nervous system, brain development and function, skin health and elasticity, digestive efficiency, normal cardiovascular function, hormone production, metabolic rate and effective immune response.

Further, these EFAs will assist in the breakdown of LDL - bad cholesterol and promote HDL, good cholesterol. A clean, well functioning blood stream is essential to maintain the health of all your functions and keeping cholesterol low is fundamental in maintaining a healthy heart and fighting heart disease.
Due to the popular misconception that fat is "bad" for the body many people have adopted a low or no fat diet. Low or no fat, coupled with the widespread consumption of processed and genetically modified foods, have created EFA deficiencies. Leading researchers are finding significant links between EFA deficiencies and disease. Supplementation with EFAs is therefore an integral part of a complete nutritional program. In particular, if you are not eating a minimum of two portions of oily fish each week. Good examples of types of fish you should be consuming are: Salmon, Sardines, Herring, Mackarel, Fresh Tuna and Freshwater Trout. This type of EFA is Omega 3.

Omega 6 is also known as Linoleic Acid and can be found in vegetables, grains, some fruits and in particular The Acai Berry. Majoritively, in the West, we consume a disproportionate amount of Omega 6 to Omega 3, mainly due to the vegetable oil consumption in everyday cooking. Balance is key here and looking at a Mediterranean diet can give you a good steer on what levels are appropriate. Mediterranean peoples tend to eat more vegetables, in particular in their raw state, fruit, fish and many more wholegrains than we do in the West. Omega 6 has many benefits, including the assistance of managing Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Ulcers and Weight Loss.

Finally, Omega 9 is also known as Oleic Acid. Strictly speaking, Omega 9 is not an EFA as the body can produce a limited amount from unsaturated fat consumption. However, the most well known Omega 9 is Olive Oil and whilst it is a monounsaturated fat, it still needs to be consumed proportionately to Omega 3 (and 6, of course!)

It is difficult sometimes to understand the impact that all the various nutritional divisions can have on your body. The chain reactions each compound has on your body itself, then to have to consider the variables with what other foods etc you consume and how each affects the other. The combinations are limitless and complex. There are some simple, easy to follow rules however, which, if observed, can have tremendous positive benefits to your body and wellbeing. Including Omega Fatty Acids in your diet, is, in my opinion, a no brainer and introducing The Acai Berry in your diet can go a long way to addressing the "balance" issues outlined above. Regardless of how and with what...these compounds within The Acai Berry are pure gold to your system.

Good Health to each of you.

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Acai Berry, Omega Fatty Acids - Promoting Healthy Blood and Its Benefits

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This article was published on 2010/04/01