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In China, Omega can be said to be the most well-known watch brand.  The brand has more than 160 years history with a lot of glorious record,  the first diving timepieces, the first Olympic official designated  timing, and the first watch landed on moon and so on. As for Chinese  people, the earliest memory is dated back to as early as 1895, when  Omega was appointed to serve the Chinese start-up rail system. Nowadays  you can see the advertisement of Omega everywhere in TV, magazines,  outdoors billboards, and bus stations. It is global recognized that the  techniques and qualities of Omega watches are superior or they cannot be  applied for so many situations with extremely strict requirement like  sports, armies, or aviation. From many perspectives, Omega equals to  high quality, accuracy, and wonderful brand experience.

Many men  would like to choose Omega as their first timepiece, not just because it  has all kind of advantages but more importantly, wearing it means their  success and extraordinary taste. In certain degree, watches become  indispensable decoration of hands. All around the world, Omega gains its  popularity from different groups, such as young generations,  celebrities, athletes, and other professionals. It is the magic of  Omega.

The success of Omega can be attributed to many aspects, but  there are two aspects matter most. One is Omega's excellent techniques  and high quality. The other is the large-scale publicity.

In 1894,  the birth of famous Omega 19 movement with the most advanced technology  at that time established Omega's status in watch industry. Ever since,  with advanced technology and remarkable art expression, Omega has gained  a number of achievements and kept its leading position.

As to the  publicity, Omega has spent a large amount of money on large-scale  advertisement plans promoting their products in international market. It  is these advertisements that helps Omega win a worldwide fame and  influences the advertisement patterns of watches. Omega image  ambassadors are all international big stars, from Nick Kidman to Cindy  Crawford, and now Zhang Ziyi also joins Omega family.

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Have A Crush on Omega Watch

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Have A Crush on Omega Watch

This article was published on 2011/03/01